Native American Teepee

Material: Corrugated cardboard (87% recycled content)
Dimensions: 22″ X 22″ X 26″
Packaging dimensions (flat-packed): 26″ X 22″ X 1″

Assembled in less than two minutes without any glue or tools.
Features an expandable door opening to give even overweight cats enough wiggle room to enter.

Just like the Canadian Cat Cabin, the Native American Teepee is a fun and modern take on classic Canadiana. Inspired by Amerindian culture and its collective memory, the Teepee is the stylish cat’s purrrrrfect hideaway. So much cooler than a regular cardboard box (not to worry, your cat will love it just as much), it will lend a cheerful touch to your decor and make your guests smile!

The Teepee comes with six interchangeable ornaments: a dream catcher, a feather, a tomahawk, an eagle, a bull’s head and a banner on which to write your pet’s name.


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The_Native_American_Teepee_cat_house_4_Loyal_Luxe_LPhoto credit: Maxime Leduc