Topo – Abstract landscape

Materials: Russian plywood, lacquered mdf, stoneware
Dimensions: 38 H X 48 W X 1.5 D

These wall art pieces were designed under the direction of Pascale Girardin / Maison Girardin for the newly opened ALT Hotel in Griffintown, Montreal. They were produced in 10 different colors to reflect ALT distinctive and colourful signature and installed in each of the 156 rooms of the hotel. The murals’ playful combination of geometry and color was achieved by superimposing lacquered fiberboards and plywood panels in order to create the illusion of a three-dimensional sculpture. A charcoal black handmade textured ceramic disc is inserted in the center of each composition: a nod to Pascale Girardin’s craft.

Juxtaposing the mathematical rigor of a tangent to the softness of a hand drawn curve, the Topo series abstract landscapes merge color planes and textures to produce works that celebrate the coexistence of machine-made and handcrafted elements, in a seemingly effortless gesture.







maud_Beauchamp_Alt_Hotel_6Photo credit: Daphné Caron