Original bow ties

Material: Cotton
Sizes: Small, medium and large, suitable for dogs (and cats) from 2 to 180 lbs

Adjustable collars:
SMALL BOW: 3″ X 1.5″ bow / 5″ à 15″ collar, for dogs from 2 to 45 lbs.
MEDIUM BOW: 5,25″ X 2,25″ bow / 5″ à 28″ collar, for dogs from 5 to 180 lbs.
LARGE BOW: 6,75″ X 3,25″ bow / 5″ à 28″ collar, for dogs 5 from to 180 lbs.

For decades, bow ties were reserved for formal wear or seen on nerds who hung out at the library. Today, they are a fashion statement worn by the coolest kids on the block.

Perfect for attending upscale special events or for casual walks in the park.

Available in many colours, patterns and styles to suit your dog’s (or cat’s) unique personality.


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The styles shown below have been discontinued.
Please visit the Suck UK website to see available fabrics.


The Gamer:
An eternal adolescent with a competitive spirit, the Gamer spends most of his time playing.

The Girlie:
Somewhat frivolous, but stylish and always impeccably groomed, the Girlie loves being complimented on her new outfits.

The Lifeguard:
Sporty, demonstrative and fond of sunbathing, the Lifeguard never hesitates to display his courage.

The Milkman:
Jovial and known throughout the town, the Milkman’s sense of duty is appreciated by all.

The Rock Star:
Charismatic, unpredictable and whimsical, the Rock Star loves putting on a show and thrives in the spotlight.

The Romantic:
Emotional, idealistic and caring, the Romantic is always looking to cuddle and share tender moments.

The Schoolboy:
Disciplined and attentive, the Schoolboy is a quick study and always listens to his teacher.

Photo credit: Marie-Claude Hamel