Scandinavian Headboards

Material: Printed vynil
Dimensions: 60″ X 27″

ADZIF website

These headboards were inspired by the minimalist, yet often bold and playful, signature of Scandinavian graphic design. The 12 unique decals pay homage to iconic and less famous Scandinavian cities and places.

Manufactured in Montréal, Canada, these decals are a perfect, inexpensive way to spruce up your white walls.

ADZIF wall decals are easy to apply and equally easy to remove, even after several years.



mpgmb_Adzif_Copenhague_Green_2013_WCopenhague in green

mpgmb_Adzif_Copenhague_Turquoise_2013_WCopenhague in teal



mpgmb_Adzif_Kosterhavet_Black_2013_WKosterhavet in black


mpgmb_Adzif_Kosterhavet_Yellow_2013_WKosterhavet in yellow

mpgmb_Adzif_Malmo_Pink_2013_WMalmö in pink

mpgmb_Adzif_Malmo_Turquoise_2013_WMalmö in teal

mpgmb_Adzif_Skagen_Black_2013_WSkagen in black

mpgmb_Adzif_SKagen_Pink_2013_WSkagen in pink

mpgmb_Adzif_Lappland_2013_W Lappland